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About us

RAW's mission is to support artisans - genuine vignerons who are deeply committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices. Rather than referring to them as winemakers, we prefer to use the term vignerons, as they are the people who nurture the grapes from vine to bottle. Our mission is to revolutionize the world of wine by establishing a direct channel between vintners and their audiences on a global scale. Whether it's sommeliers, importers, distributors, retailers, journalists, or simply wine enthusiasts, our platform offers access to a wealth of knowledge, ranging from detailed information on individual cuvées to vineyard-specific viticultural practices, as well as the historical and regional context in which each wine is produced. Our approach empowers the wine community to discover and appreciate the unique qualities of each wine, as they hear about it firsthand from the winemakers themselves.

We are not just looking for wines that are organic, biodynamic, or low-intervention, but rather, wines that are genuinely authentic - those that are not only delicious but also fuel conversations, excite the senses and soul, and are simply enjoyable to drink.

We hope you find as much excitement in our wines as we do.

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